Retail Distrbution

From its very beginnings, PHC’s business strategy paid careful attention to worldwide opportunities. An important element of our strategic plan was to identify the appropriate automotive OE with international aspirations and capabilities. 

The key to our distribution and sales strategy is the utilization of the first fully integrated internet distribution system in the US, supplemented with the best practices of a traditional dealer network structure. With more than 20,000 new car dealers in existence, combined with those who lost their franchise rights from the major automakers in the United States - we will choose and partner with only the best. Our distribution facilities will provide professional staff, and high levels of customer satisfaction (CSI). 

PHC’s distribution strategy is phased, allowing a new brand to steadily roll-out and ramp up production as we methodically and effectively build the support infrastructure and field service team. When this phase-in is complete, our online distribution network will be accessible wherever there is a computer, 24 hours a day.