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Homologation, Testing, and Certification

Homologating vehicles to meet America's rigorous safety, emissions, and FMVSS standards is the biggest barrier for automakers looking to export to the US. The regulations, testing requirements, and certification procedures are becoming increasingly complex and more stringent in the years ahead. PHC’s team of industry professionals have decades of experience in preparing cars for the U.S. market, and our strength in this area constitutes one of PHC’s biggest advantages over our competitors. Our technical team provides leadership and expertise to understand and address all the gaps to US and European standards and regulations for safety and emissions. This extremely talented technical group not only comprehends current and planned safety and emissions requirements, but also plans the strategies to meet those requirements. 

PHC and its partners have access to all U.S. government certified crash facilities and emission testing laboratories, as well as test tracks and environmental chambers where factors such as durability, performance, handling, ride, fuel economy, acoustics, chassis bending and torsional strength, and corrosion resistance can be evaluated. On staff, we have engineers with backgrounds in vehicle testing and evaluation, who have worked with a variety of companies to help them develop the vehicle performance and dynamic response characteristics that customers demand.

PHC’s professional resources will interface with the DOT to remove the bureaucratic delays that can slow the certification process. Our executive in charge of program management will assure that every aspect of the homologation process is handled correctly, discretely, on time and cost efficiently.