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Product Design and Styling

PHC/Plastech managed a state-of-the-art research and development center, including an industrial design center. Our capabilities ranged from concept sketching to final production design to prototype development.

Our designers assisted all major automakers with their exterior and interior designs. We participated with our customers in the research, design and development of interior and exterior colors and materials used on their vehicles, including decisions on paint, plastics, fabric designs, grains and wood trim. Our craftsmanship experts have up-todate knowledge of the marketplace, emerging technologies, and other factors that drive consumers to made a decision to buy. They recognize customer needs and wants; such as the latest trends in colors, fabrics, infotainment systems and safety concerns. They also know intimately of the competitors' plans through benchmarking. Our experience and involvement in automotive design allows PHC to keep in contact with major design studios in Southern California. We recognize the significance of the creative design studios in this area for the credibility and brand recognition it affords global automakers - the reason every major automaker has a design studio in the west coast. The unique trendsetting spirit of Southern California provides a unique inspiration to every major automaker.

Our association with a major design studio run by a former Ferrari designer allows us to fulfill our primary goal: to assist our customers in the research of marketing trends and in the creation of innovative designs that reflect US tastes, as well as those of other global markets. 

The studio participates in various activities including experimental concepts and advanced design competition. We hope to share these design solutions with our partners. Our intent is to develop these design solutions with our partners' corporate design, planning and manufacturing groups in their home country.

-------- Our goal is to generate excitement and creativity in our partners' vehicles --------