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Value Engineering

PHC believes in a systematic and function-based approach to improving the values of products, projects or processes.

PHC will assist our partners in their effort to maintain and/or reduce their current cost structure by establishing teams of people following a structured process. This process helps team members communicate openly with other departments, understand different perspectives, innovate and analyze.

This approach has successfully delivered cost reductions in the range of 5% to 10% on major automotive components and was recognized by top tier OE's for its rigor, discipline and innovation.

Driving product development teams toward aggressive cost reduction targets is part of the core DNA of our finance and engineering executives. Improvements in part cost, weight and complexity without compromise to customer wants can be accomplished with the assistance of PHC's team of experts.

PHC uses a combination of creative and analytical techniques to identify alternative ways to achieve cost reduction objectives. We focus on delivering the products at the best price without sacrificing quality, delivery or safety.