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Information Technology

With in-depth knowledge of the auto industry, PHC recognized and understood the strengths and weaknesses of the current automotive product data management systems. To address these issues, Plastech developed a proprietary, innovative product lifecycle management system which integrated a fully costed bill of material (both historical and projected costs), a change management system, and key quality applications. These new systems were successfully implemented with extremely low development cost and a substantial improvement in operating efficiency. 

A software division was formed by PHC to develop various systems solutions for today's retail distribution process.

Our team of software developers worked closely with our marketing, engineering and general management groups to refine our ideas for a new distribution network.

These ideas were generated by our observation of the industry, and the well-documented customer dissatisfaction issues with the current system. They have been supported by our market research which included the key demographics of our new potential customers, as well as existing customers.

This system revolutionizes the way we sell, distribute, service and finance new and used vehicles, and will save cost for our partners while increasing customers satisfaction.